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  • Type of feedback:Inquiry Location:Cebu City
    Name:June P. Taborada
    Date Posted06/01/2017 01:35:50 PM Last Reply:06/01/2017 01:00:12 PM
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    Date Submitted: 05/29/2017 08:08:15 AM

    Dear Mayor,

    Peace be with you.

    I am a young professional, an active socio-civic leader,a concerned, an empowered citizen, born and raised in Barangay Nangka and a proud Bayawanon anywhere I go.
    I am writing your office to help my fellow Nangkaanon solve on the lifelong overdue on the issue of the closure of our Barangay Multi Purpose Hall which "mulungtad na ug hapit 10 years wapa gihapon gitagaan ug pagtagad sa pag abli". The local officials in a yearly basis made some rumors that the court decision to open it was already released but until this time is not happening. It was not even tackled during the "pulong-pulong" in our Barangay because I know and I believe that it is a serious issue when they surface it on the assembly. We want an explanation on the situation because on the first place if the lot was on legal claims of somebody on court, the official should not made the decision to close it until the final court order has been released but the previous Brgy.Captain did the final say to close it. It so hurting to see as a tax payer that the structures inside is not anymore useful and functional! It is so frustrating and degrading.
    The stories on re-opening it has become a myth in our place and nobody believes it already. I even think to myself that this involves political ideas of making someone's name "juicy" in the political arena in this coming election as the initiator. The residents of Barangay Nangka as one of the biggest Barangay in Bayawan City have all the rights and responsibilities to claim for what we think good and beneficial for us. The multi-purpose hall was a venue for us and our youthful years to explore socially and humanely and that molded us of what we are today and we want this also to happen to the children of our future.
    I believe as mayor of our city, and the next person in authority has all the capabilities to make things happen in your own leadership level.May you find sometime to revisit the status of this issue and finding some solution to hasten its quick response is highly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.



    Date Reply: 06/01/2017 01:00:12 PM

    JEREMIAS C. GALLO City Administrator LGU – Bayawan City Sir: We commend the feedback of Mr. June P. Taborada, a concerned citizen of Brgy. Nangka, Bayawan City, regarding the closure of their Brgy. Multi-Purpose Hall many years back, which, until today, is not yet opened despite the favourable decision of the case. The real status of the issue as of today is that we are already waiting for the Court of Appeals in Cebu City to send the records of the case back to the Regional Trial Court (RTC) here in Bayawan City. Such procedure is necessary before RTC can hear and order a writ of execution to finally re-open the Nangka barangay hall. There is nothing left for the present barangay officials of Brgy. Nangka to do. The ball is now in the judiciary to take their move so that this problem will finally come to an end. Brgy. Nangka won the case, but it took so long because of due process where the opposite party elevated the case to the Court of Appeals in Cebu City. That could have taken much longer had the adverse party elevated the case to the Supreme Court after an adverse decision from the Court of Appeals. But they opted not to do it. They understood the situation, and they also feel that Brgy. Nangka should once and for all be reunited and work together for their progress and full development. And we thank them for such gesture. This is what I was contemplating all the time, that in governance, it is not only the executive and legislative who must deliver the services to the constituents but also the judiciary. These three branches of government must work hand in hand to make the life of the people easy. Any one of them who gets paralyzed along the way will greatly affect the life of our constituents. We have to understand that our Regional Trial Court now has no regular judge. Recent developments made it harder for the RTC to do its functions because of security reasons of its personnel, especially the judge. But the end is not yet over, we are still seeking means to solve this issue as early as possible. We will request the judge to hear the case of Brgy. Nangka in Dumaguete City once RTC-Bayawan receives the records of the case of Brgy. Nangka from the Court of Appeals. For your information. Thank you. Truly yours, (Sgd.) ATTY. RAMON Q. CARBO Assistant City Legal Officer

  • Type of feedback:Complaint Location:Amparos Village
    Name:Frank M. Parker
    Date Posted04/03/2017 02:21:26 PM Last Reply:04/03/2017 02:21:26 PM
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    Date Submitted: 03/26/2017 11:21:47 AM

    Word International Ministries' church service is extremely loud and disturbing.

    Date Reply: 04/03/2017 02:21:26 PM

    CPSO personnel composed of Mr. Roderick Olac and Ramonito Borres Jr. visited the place of Ptr. Lajot, Word International Ministries Church and he promised to tone down the volume of their sound system during their church service. Ptr. Lajot explained that it will only take 30 minutes for their praising and he hopes for the indulgence of the people around him.

    City Public Safety Officer

  • Type of feedback:Inquiry Location:Tanjay city
    Name:Jocelyn Resuelo
    Date Posted03/15/2017 01:32:36 PM Last Reply:03/15/2017 01:32:36 PM
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    Date Submitted: 03/13/2017 11:49:36 AM

    Good morning po,
    Gusto po mo inquire kung ano po ang kinakailangan pag mag pa change sa birth order.kasi po yong birth order ko ay third pero ang tama ay fourth.
    Nuong isang linggo nag punta during office hour nyo pumunta po ang tita ko kasi sabi nang taga SSS ipa change lng kasi madali lang daw yon.kasi yon lang ang mali.tapos sabi nang incharge hindi daw pwedi.malaki na daw ang babayaran.nag ask po ang tita ko kung magkano.sinabi lang daw basta malaki.
    sorry po na hindi ako mismo ang nag punta kasi may trabho po ako sa weekdays.

    Salamat po..

    Date Reply: 03/15/2017 01:32:36 PM

    Errors in the Birth Certificate, as in this case, the birth order, can be corrected under R.A. 9048. You can file a petition for correction with your Local Civil Registrar or with the Local Civil Registrar where your birth record was registered. You need to bring the birth certificates of your siblings, from first born to last born, including your birth certificate to prove birth order.

    Payment differs, depending where you file the petition. If you were born here and files the petition here, fee is PhP 1,700.00 excluding authentication later when the petition is approved.

    (Sgd.) Virginia D. Sadiasa
    City Civil Registrar

  • Type of feedback:Inquiry Location:Villareal Bayawan
    Name:David Rapisora
    Date Posted02/15/2017 03:42:32 PM Last Reply:02/15/2017 03:42:32 PM
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    Date Submitted: 02/08/2017 04:48:55 PM

    Any update of the Construction of Box culvert creek from Bayawan Memorial Park to Punong Boulevard. For the safety and security of the residents in that area. Please update us and take action on it. Thanks to all government officials. More power Bayawanons.

    Date Reply: 02/15/2017 03:42:32 PM

    Construction of Drainage from Memorial Park to Boulevard is pending due to Road Right of Way.

    City Engineering Office

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